Forensics, Anti and Network

CFDI 270
Description: Students will study several specialized areas of digital forensics, namely, information hiding, anti-forensics, and network forensics. The broad field of data hiding and anti-forensics will be explored with a specific concentration on cryptography (secret writing) and steganography (hidden writing). Basic principles of digital media will be studied in order to understand how digital images, audio, and video can be manipulated and how such manipulation can be detected. Finally, introductory concepts about computer network investigations will be presented.

Prerequisite: CFDI-240 and CMIT-130
Credits: 3

Currently Offered

Course # Days Time Dates Instructor Seats  
CFDI 270-40 Online Online 05/11/15 - 06/26/15 Staff 7 Register
CFDI 270-40 Online Online 08/31/15 - 10/16/15 Staff 19 Register
CFDI 270-45 Online Online 10/26/15 - 12/18/15 Staff 19 Register
CFDI 270-40 Online Online 01/12/15 - 02/27/15 Hyde 5 Register
CFDI 270-45 Online Online 03/16/15 - 05/01/15 Hyde 11 Register