Foundations of Cybersecurity

CYBR 210
Description: The multi-disciplinary landscape of cybersecurity is a key area of concern for business organizations. Using strategies and technologies to protect business information, students identify common threats and attacks employed against technology-based systems, analyze the role of security models and architectures, and apply defensive technologies within the framework of legal, ethical, and social environments.

Prerequisite: CMIT-135, CMIT-140, NETW-215.
Credits: 3

Currently Offered

Course # Days Time Dates Instructor Seats  
CYBR 210-40 Online Online 01/12/15 - 02/27/15 Hyde 14 Register
CYBR 210-45 Online Online 03/16/15 - 05/01/15 Sirkin -3 Register
CYBR 210-41 Online Online 01/12/15 - 02/27/15 Messier 4 Register