Ethical Hacking

CYBR 335
Description: Focuses on the tight interrelationship between programming software, World Wide Web (WWW) servers and services, and information security. Software is the basis of everything in the digital realm -- applications, services, operating systems, and more. The Internet, and particularly the Web, has emerged as the universal network for applications ranging from entertainment to international commerce. Students will learn about the information security strengths and weaknesses of various programming languages, flaws in software systems, vulnerabilities inherent in common Web and other server and client (i.e., browser) implementations, ways to secure Internet servers and services, and methods to make server administrators more security aware.

Prerequisite: Take CMIT-140,WEBD-125 and WEBD-220 or CYBR-240
Credits: 3

Currently Offered

Course # Days Time Dates Instructor Seats  
CYBR 335-45 Online Online 07/06/15 - 08/21/15 Hartsel 3 Register
CYBR 335-40 Online Online 05/11/15 - 06/26/15 Hartsel 29 Register
CYBR 335-41 Online Online 05/11/15 - 06/26/15 Messier 1 Register
CYBR 335-40 Online Online 08/31/15 - 10/16/15 Staff 16 Register
CYBR 335-45 Online Online 10/26/15 - 12/18/15 Staff 14 Register
CYBR 335-40 Online Online 01/12/15 - 02/27/15 Messier 30 Register
CYBR 335-41 Online Online 01/12/15 - 02/27/15 Sirkin 6 Register