Statistics, Introduction to

MATH 180
Description: How to collect, organize, analyze, and interpret data in order to make decisions about the world. Topics include descriptive statistics, probability, discrete probability distributions, normal probability distributions, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing with one sample, hypothesis testing with two samples, correlation, regression, chi square tests, and analysis of variance.

Prerequisite: None
Credits: 3

Currently Offered

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MATH 180-81 Online Online 01/16/17 - 05/05/17 Staff 6 Register
MATH 180-81 Online Online 08/29/16 - 12/16/16 Myers -1 Register
MATH 180-81A Online Online 08/29/16 - 12/16/16 Myers 4 Register
MATH 180-81B Online Online 08/29/16 - 12/16/16 Yeoman 2 Register