Calculus I

MATH 210
Description: Presents the basic concepts of differential and integral calculus. Topics include limits and the derivative, curve sketching and optimization problems; the product, quotient and chain rules; indefinite and definite integrals; integration by substitution and parts; and differentiation and integration of the exponential, logarithmic and trigonometric functions. Appropriate applications are considered.

Prerequisite: MATH-125 or high school equivalent
Credits: 3

Currently Offered

Course # Days Time Dates Instructor Seats
MATH 210-81 Online Online 01/15/18 - 04/27/18 Yeoman 9
MATH 210-81 Online Online 05/07/18 - 08/17/18 Yeoman 12
MATH 210-81 Online Online 08/27/18 - 12/14/18 Staff 8