Revenue, Profitability, and Customer Satisfaction

MGMT 310
Description: Successful organizations identify new customers while continuing to satisfy existing ones. Building on information from their marketing course, students study this key business process. Topics include lead generation, customer relationship management, customer service support and related performance measurements and technologies. Assignments and discussion require application and synthesis of knowledge, and include global issues such as international sales, managing the process across organizational borders and related outsourcing issues. Students are also introduced to the process model and the related systems perspective.

Prerequisite: MKTG-200
Credits: 3

Currently Offered

Course # Days Time Dates Instructor Seats
MGMT 310-40 Online Online 01/15/18 - 03/02/18 Fontano 1
MGMT 310-40A Online Online 01/15/18 - 03/02/18 Minor -1
MGMT 310-40B Online Online 01/15/18 - 03/02/18 Fry 0
MGMT 310-40 Online Online 05/07/18 - 06/22/18 Fry 2
MGMT 310-40A Online Online 05/07/18 - 06/22/18 Fry 1
MGMT 310-40 Online Online 08/27/18 - 10/12/18 Staff 20