Colonialism and Western Identity

COR 280
Description: The West: what is it? Is it a place, a set of ideas and traditions, a period of history, an economic or political system? This course will examine how the West must be understood through encounters with the rest of the world, through the interactions between West and non-West. Colonialism initially determined the nature of those interactions, and the legacies of colonialism continue to shape Western identity today. For detailed descriptions of the individual sections of this course, cut and paste the following link into your browser:

Prerequisite: COR-120 and COR-130, OR COR-130 and ENG-112.
Credits: 3

Currently Offered

Course # Days Time Dates Instructor Seats  
COR 280-01 WF 3:30-4:45PM 01/16/17 - 05/05/17 DeRocher 2 Register
COR 280-02 WF 2-3:15PM 01/16/17 - 05/05/17 Yacubian 2 Register
COR 280-03 MW 2-3:15PM, 11-12:15PM 01/16/17 - 05/05/17 Mayer 1 Register
COR 280-04 WF 12:30-1:45PM 01/16/17 - 05/05/17 Beasley 1 Register
COR 280-05 MTH 9:30-10:45AM 01/16/17 - 05/05/17 Bashaw 0 Register
COR 280-06 MW 12:30-1:45PM, 9:30-10:45AM 01/16/17 - 05/05/17 Mayer 1 Register