Incident Response and Network Forensics

DFS 530
Description: This course will prepare students for the collection and interpretation of information from network traffic, network devices, servers and operating systems. The network traffic section will cover methods of collecting and analyzing network traffic, including TCP/lP structure and higher level protocols. The network device section will focus on dealing with network devices such as routers, switches and firewalls. The incident response section of this course will cover both technical and procedural approaches and processes for dealing with information technology security incidents.

Prerequisite: DFS-520
Credits: 3

Currently Offered

Course # Days Time Dates Instructor Seats  
DFS 530-81 Online Online 01/09/17 - 03/04/17 Twardowski 10 Register
DFS 530-85 Online Online 03/06/17 - 04/29/17 Twardowski 3 Register
DFS 530-81 Online Online 05/08/17 - 07/01/17 Staff 11 Register
DFS 530-85 Online Online 07/03/17 - 08/26/17 Staff 2 Register
DFS 530-81 Online Online 09/04/17 - 10/28/17 Staff 15 Register
DFS 530-85 Online Online 10/30/17 - 12/23/17 Staff 15 Register