The Practice of Digital Investigations

DIM 500
Description: This course will provide the basis for this program of study. The course introduces the core principles of forensic science and evidence management. Students will examine the mission of digital forensics from the various perspectives of the public and private sectors, including digital forensics in support of activities ranging from internal corporate investigations, responses to information security incidents, and policy auditing to third-party investigations, criminal investigations, and anti-terrorism information gathering -- and discussing the imperatives of each.

Prerequisite: None
Credits: 3

Currently Offered

Course # Days Time Dates Instructor Seats  
DIM 500-81 Online Online 01/11/16 - 03/05/16 Orr -2 Register
DIM 500-81A Online Online 01/11/16 - 03/05/16 Weathersby 3 Register
DIM 500-85 Online Online 03/14/16 - 05/07/16 Gastardi 0 Register
DIM 500-90 Online Online 01/11/16 - 03/05/16 Staff 1 Register
DIM 500-91 Online Online 03/14/16 - 05/07/16 Staff 0 Register