3D Art, Introduction to

EGD 215
Description: This course is an introduction to the process of creating digital art using 30 graphics software. With an emphasis on foundational 3D concepts and aesthetics, the practices of modeling, texturing and animation will be explored. Students will learn about and work within the limitations of graphics production for realtime gaming environments but much work and skills at the introductory level are transferable to film and video production. This course also introduces students to rigorous personal production habits and the process of constructive critique.

Prerequisite: GDES.BS, GART.BS, EGPR.BS, CREM.BS students only, or by permission of CCM Division Dean. GDES students must complete EGD-120;GART students must complete EGD-105 & EGD-115; and EGPR and CREM students must complete EGD-105 OR EGD-120.

Not Offered This Semester

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