Critical Read./Expos. Wrtg II

ENGL 112
Description: In addition to building on the skills learned in the first semester, this second-semester course develops the ability to write essays with an emphasis on research, critical reading and thinking. Students continue to learn strategies for writing texts that are clear, coherent, comprehensive, creative, concise and correct for a specific audience and purpose.

Prerequisite: ENGL-111
Credits: 3

Currently Offered

Course # Days Time Dates Instructor Seats  
ENGL 112-40 Online Online 05/11/15 - 06/26/15 Staff 19 Register
ENGL 112-45 Online Online 07/06/15 - 08/21/15 Staff 20 Register
ENGL 112-40 Online Online 01/12/15 - 02/27/15 Merrick 7 Register
ENGL 112-45 Online Online 03/16/15 - 05/01/15 Andersen 7 Register