Digital Forensic Tool Eval.

FOR 260
Description: Students will be presented topics surrounding the proper use of multiple commercial and open source digital forensic software tools. Students will gain hands on experience with some of the leading and most recognized software applications available in Digital Forensics. Students will compare and contrast each tool presented and will develop validation methodologies to ensure tools are working correctly.

Prerequisite: FOR-240
Credits: 3

Currently Offered

Course # Days Time Dates Instructor Seats
FOR 260-01 TF 9:30-10:45AM 01/15/18 - 05/04/18 Letourneau 0
FOR 260-02 TTH 3:30-4:45PM 01/15/18 - 05/04/18 Letourneau 0
FOR 260-01 MTH 11-12:15PM 08/28/17 - 12/15/17 Khatri 2