Integ Capstone Proj HC Mgmt

HCMT 590
Description: Students will use this course to review professional and practical skills gained through formal coursework and action learning and apply them in an independent project in a healthcare setting of their choice. Students will be expected to develop a project plan; establish goals and objectives; collect and analyze information; and prepare and deliver a final product agreed upon by student and faculty advisor.

Prerequisite: HCMT-550 and 30 completed graduate credit hours
Credits: 3

Currently Offered

Course # Days Time Dates Instructor Seats  
HCMT 590-81 Online Online 05/11/15 - 07/04/15 Staff 20 Register
HCMT 590-81 Online Online 03/09/15 - 05/02/15 Zemany 18 Register
HCMT 590-81 Online Online 01/05/15 - 02/28/15 Zemany 16 Register