Survey of Accounting for Managers

MBA 507
Description: This course introduces MBA students to the theories, context, and managerial value of financial and management accounting. The role of accountants, the accounting equation, the accounting cycle, and financial reporting will be presented. The use of relevant accounting data to analyze internal operating decisions, allocate scare resources, and assess overall firm health will be emphasized. This course is designed to provide specific skills for the workplace as well as showcase the accounting function as an important foundational framework for the pursuit of advanced business education.

Prerequisite: None
Credits: 3

Currently Offered

Course # Days Time Dates Instructor Seats
MBA 507-81 Online Online 01/08/18 - 03/03/18 DiMambro 4
MBA 507-85 Online Online 03/05/18 - 04/28/18 DiMambro 0
MBA 507-81A Online Online 01/08/18 - 03/03/18 Errico 9
MBA 507-81 Online Online 09/04/17 - 10/28/17 DiMambro 3
MBA 507-85 Online Online 10/30/17 - 12/23/17 Byrd 8
MBA 507-81A Online Online 09/04/17 - 10/28/17 DiMambro 3