International Conflict

MED 534
Description: The study of International Conflict is sourced from an interdisciplinary range of scholarly research, writing, and reflections that draw from political philosophy and intervention practices. This course explores the realm of international conflict by tracing an evolutionary arc over a trajectory of theoretical orientations and practical debates that highlight the ways in which conflict engagement and intervention practices have been shaped on a global scale. Informed by the modern historical context from Westphalia to the War on Terror, this course provides students with an opportunity to survey and develop critical perspectives on international conflict work pursuant to the stratagems, initiatives, and creative advances developed by National Governments, IGOs, and Civil Society institutions and actors, which have broadly fashioned our basis for knowledge about conflict and intervention in the 21st century. For students of mediation and applied conflict studies, the learning emphasis in this course is placed on analyzing the potential, challenges, critiques and limitations of methods and practices for approaching conflict and formulations for peace, such that an evaluation of their own conflict practice can be understood and located within the broader field.

Prerequisite: MED-511
Credits: 3

Currently Offered

Course # Days Time Dates Instructor Seats
MED 534-81 Online Online 03/05/18 - 04/28/18 Ordway 9