Strategic Management

MGMT 460
Description: Strategic management refers to creating, implementing and evaluating cross-functional decisions to achieve long-term objectives. Students use a holistic perspective to integrate knowledge of all business processes to recommend and evaluate strategic decisions. Specific topics include (1) creating strategy using situation analysis, self-evaluation and competitor analysis (2) determining resource need and availability and analyzing an implementation plan and (3) evaluating criteria such as suitability, feasibility and acceptability. A computer simulation allows students to make decisions and learn from their results.

Prerequisite: MGMT-425
Credits: 3

Currently Offered

Course # Days Time Dates Instructor Seats
MGMT 460-45 Online Online 03/12/18 - 04/27/18 Fry 1
MGMT 460-45 Online Online 07/02/18 - 08/17/18 Fry 7
MGMT 460-45A Online Online 07/02/18 - 08/17/18 Fry 7
MGMT 460-45 Online Online 10/22/18 - 12/14/18 Staff -3