Legal & Ethical Issues in Technology

MIT 520
Description: Today there are special legal issues that affect all aspects of information technology management. This course surveys the applicable law and how the law affects the development and deployment of IT. Special consideration is given to human resource issues and to the impact of the Internet. For example, companies that produce Web content and software for sale have both rights and obligations surrounding their intellectual property. Because of the international nature of the Internet these rights and obligations must cut across international boundaries. Rules and practices that apply in the US do not necessarily carry over to other jurisdictions and a company may have to be compliant with a variety of different and sometimes conflicting laws. Contract law has been a part of software and hardware acquisition and maintenance for a number of number of years. However, the growth and evolution of IT has changed the depth and breadth of this law and old practices and standards no longer apply. Human resource issues are important and companies must be aware of the impact of the law on their own specific workplace and their operations.

Prerequisite: MIT-500

Not Offered This Semester

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