Reflective Leadership and Planned Change

MIT 550
Description: The increasing complexity of business environments and rapidly changing global marketplace have challenged organizations and their members to become adaptive and innovative. Everyone, from the CEO on down, is now being asked to adopt new leadership skills in order for organizations to survive in this context. This course is designed to assist managers in meeting this challenge wherever they exert influence in the organization. Students will develop the knowledge and skills for effectively harnessing, navigating and leading change in their respective organizations; they will reflect on their experiences as a leader and assess who they are as a leader based on the models presented in the course; they will create a personal leadership philosophy; they will build a view of change as an ongoing and dynamic process requiring the deliberate and focused attention of everyone in the organization and necessitating the emergence of change leaders; they will identify how change is accomplished by people and impacts people, affects organizational relationships, is driven by financial/market forces and will need to be measured in terms of organizational results.

Prerequisite: MIT-500, MBA-500 or HCM-540

Not Offered This Semester

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