MKT 110
Description: Stresses consumer orientation as the basis for developing the marketing mix (product, price, place, promotion) for goods, ideas or services. Students will learn the terminology and study the institutions of consumer and industrial markets and the impact of social and economic considerations on the decision-making process. Case problems and assignments require the student to apply marketing principles. Some sections of this course will utilize WebCT as a learning and communication tool. Students should have reliable Internet access outside of class.

Prerequisite: None
Credits: 3

Currently Offered

Course # Days Time Dates Instructor Seats
MKT 110-51 TH 5:30-8:15PM 01/15/18 - 05/04/18 Adams 1
MKT 110-01 TF 8-9:15AM 01/15/18 - 05/04/18 Bartsch 3
MKT 110-51 TH 5:30-8:15PM 08/27/18 - 12/14/18 Beattie 5