Conflict Management

COMM 350
Description: Students learn how to view conflict as a process of social interaction in which communication plays a key role in determining its outcome. Students will learn to identify and overcome possible sources of conflict in interpersonal, group, and organizational contexts, and how to work through conflict appropriately and successfully when it occurs in these contexts. Students will examine their own conflict styles and learn how to reshape behaviors that do not foster constructive conflict, and develop strategies designed to transform conflict into a productive experience. Primarily, students will study how to interpret the conflict behavior of others, and how to use communicative behavior to manage conflict to the benefit of all participants involved.

Prerequisite: COM-100 or COMM-130 and 30 completed credits or 60 completed credits
Credits: 3

Currently Offered

Course # Days Time Dates Instructor Seats
COMM 350-40 Online Online 01/14/19 - 03/01/19 Perry 7
COMM 350-45 Online Online 03/11/19 - 04/26/19 Perry 10
COMM 350-40 Online Online 05/06/19 - 06/21/19 Perry 12
COMM 350-45 Online Online 07/01/19 - 08/16/19 Perry 12
COMM 350-40 Online Online 08/26/19 - 10/11/19 Staff 12
COMM 350-45 Online Online 10/21/19 - 12/13/19 Staff 3