Creative Media Salon I

CRE 200
Description: The Creative Media Salon experiences, along with the Studio courses, are the cornerstone of the program. The Salon provides an environment for students from different creative focus areas to come together and explore the creative process, to intellectually contextualize their own work and the work of their peers, to collaborate if desired, and to continually expand their horizons. The Salon is part seminar and part workshop-offering students the simultaneous experiences of hands-on experimentation, creating personal work, critiquing one another's work, and discussing the connections between aesthetic theory and artistic practice. This art as inquiry process was embedded in the CRE 100 course for first year students, so at this point (in their second year), it should be a way of working with which they are familiar. The Salon is not a mere playground, however; it will be grounded in specific readings, creative hands-on projects, and-most importantly for Salon 1 and 2-the student's parallel Core experience. The Salon 1 course will work with the content of COR 220, the Aesthetics course. Thus, the focus here will be on the Western art tradition, and the function and power of art in society. We will take the issues raised in COR 220, and work with them as a community of artists. There will be supplementary readings and key creative projects to help unpack the specific topical areas.

Prerequisite: COMPLETE CRE-100. Take COR-220

Not Offered This Semester

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