Advanced Seminar: Game Design

EGD 380B
Description: Advanced Seminars vary in topic and are designed to provide the advanced student with time for personal development of their portfolio in the area of their specialty. Examples of projects include: Designing and documenting an original game concept. Designing, documenting, and constructing a series of level mods. Conceptualizing and documenting an original game narrative. Designing and constructing a series of original game models. Designing, constructing, rigging, and animating one or more original 3D characters. Conceptualizing and creating a character bible. Students propose and create a production schedule for their semester projects, and present them in a public showing at completion of the course. See current semester course offerings for available topics.

Prerequisite: EGD-212 with a grade of C or higher, GDES.BS students only or by permission of CCM Division Dean.
Credits: 3

Currently Offered