Introduction to Game Design

GMD 110
Description: What's the difference between an FPS and an RPG? Are discovery and exploration important in every style of game, or can they detract from a cool game concept? We answer these questions by examining genres in games and analyzing some of the gameplay styles associated with them. Then, once we've discovered strengths and weaknesses inherent to particular game styles, we'll develop skills necessary to formulate and evauluate our own original gameplay ideas.

Prerequisite: GDES.BS, MCRM.BS, CREM.BS,or by permission of CCM Division Dean
Credits: 3

Currently Offered

Course # Days Time Dates Instructor Seats
GMD 110-01 MTH 8:30-9:45AM 01/16/23 - 05/05/23 Bachus 5
GMD 110-01 TF 10-11:15AM 08/29/22 - 12/16/22 Ferguson 1
GMD 110-02 MTH 1-2:15PM 08/29/22 - 12/16/22 Bemis 1
GMD 110-03 TF 8:30-9:45AM 08/29/22 - 12/16/22 Ferguson 1
GMD 110-04 MTH 8:30-9:45AM 08/29/22 - 12/16/22 Bemis 2