Matrices, Vectors, and 3D Math

MTH 250
Description: Matrices, Vectors, and 3D Math introduces students to applied Linear Algebra, including systems of linear equations, matrix and vector operations, change of basis, and transformations. Additionally, it presents a variety of topics from 3D mathematics including vector mathematics, lines and planes, vector-valued functions, velocity, acceleration, and surfaces. Students will write computer programs and use mathematical software to explore all aspects of the topic.

Prerequisite: MTH-230
Credits: 3

Currently Offered

Course # Days Time Dates Instructor Seats
MTH 250-01 MTH 1-2:15PM 01/16/24 - 05/03/24 Opperman -2
MTH 250-02 MTH 2:30-3:45PM 01/16/24 - 05/03/24 Opperman 3
MTH 250-35 Online Online 05/20/24 - 06/28/24 Staff 17