Intermediate Accounting I

ACCT 230
Description: The course continues the study of the topics introduced in Financial Accounting but shifts the point of view to that of the provider of accounting information. It presents an in-depth and critical study of generally accepted accounting concepts and principles. Topics include a review of the accounting cycle, the conceptual framework of accounting, the income statement and statement of cash flows. Students examine in detail the balance sheet items of cash, receivables, inventories, and debt financing.

Prerequisite: ACCT-130
Credits: 3

Currently Offered

Course # Days Time Dates Instructor Seats
ACCT 230-81 Online Online 01/13/20 - 05/01/20 Byrd 9
ACCT 230-81A Online Online 01/13/20 - 05/01/20 Byrd 13
ACCT 230-81 Online Online 05/11/20 - 08/21/20 Staff 20