Introduction to Painting

ART 235
Description: This course provides a studio experience in the art of painting in oils. Students will learn the basics, such as using brushes, wood panel preparation, and canvas stretching. Students will review basic principles through exercises in value and hue relationships, effective color mixture and more. Students will progress through composition, basic painting techniques, and studies in the nature of the paint stroke itself, and discuss pertinent masterworks and important movements in the history of art.

Prerequisite: Take ART-110.
Credits: 3

Currently Offered

Course # Days Time Dates Instructor Seats
ART 235-01 W 9-11:45AM 01/16/24 - 05/03/24 Tucker-Ketcham 5
ART 235-01 TH 10-12:45PM 08/26/24 - 12/13/24 Tucker-Ketcham 18