Business and the Entrepreneurial Mindset

BUS 110
Description: Students will work in teams and spend their semester running their own virtual company through a simulated business experience. Students will make a variety of business decisions, from choosing quantities of inputs, to marketing plans, to shop layout, employment structure and more. Students will explore the key areas of business marketing, management, economics, etc. as they explore different scenarios surrounding their business. Each decision will put theory to practice and determine their team's market standing against the class.

Prerequisite: This course requires permission of the Assistant Dean of the Division of Business.
Credits: 3

Currently Offered

Course # Days Time Dates Instructor Seats
BUS 110-01 MW 2-3:15PM, 11-12:15PM 01/14/19 - 05/03/19 Morris 0
BUS 110-02 WF 3:30-4:45PM 01/14/19 - 05/03/19 Patel 7