Public Relations Campaign Dev & Mgt

COM 400
Description: Public relations is a communications-driven practice, used to develop and manage mutually beneficial relationships between an organization and its various constituencies. This course offers the opportunity for the development and execution of a public relations campaign in a variety of circumstances. Emphasis is placed on a management approach and application of the four-step Public Relations process, solving public relations problems through Research, Action, Communication, and Evaluation. Students will apply public relations theories, tools and techniques to the public relations campaign. Research, planning and execution are practiced. Students design a public communication campaign involving media management, community relations, educational outreach or other methods of advocacy in the public forum for such agencies as government, hospitals, education corporations, and non- profit organizations. Emphasizes systematic analysis of clients and publics, formulation of goals and strategies, and multimedia communications. Evaluation of effectiveness and budget preparation included.

Prerequisite: Complete COM-311
Credits: 3

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