Game Studio I

EGD 220
Description: In Game Studio I, students from all of the degrees of the Game Studio work together in small, multidisciplinary teams to rapidly conceptualize, plan and prototype a variety of 2D game prototypes. Students explore development for both PC and mobile technology, while learning collaborative skills in communication, agile project management techniques, and version control.

Prerequisite: All - GDES, GMRT, GPMG, GMSD, GPRO, INAR only Game Design majors, complete GMD-200 and GMD-210 with grade C or higher. Game Art majors, complete GAA-205 with grade C or higher. Game Programming majors, complete CSI-240 with grade C or higher. Game Production Management majors, complete MGT-140 with minimum grade of C. Game Sound Design majors, complete SON-120 with minimum grade of C. Interactive Narrative majors, complete INN-200 with a minimum grade of C.
Credits: 3

Currently Offered