Advanced Business Internship

MGT 390
Description: This is a fourth-year business course designed for Business and e-Business & Commerce majors; it is a capstone learning experience which should be taken in the student's final semester. This course offers students an opportunity to participate in an intensive, hands-on management-level work experience in a business or not-for-profit setting that complements individual career aspirations. After finding an appropriate internship site, student interns will apply their business skills in a project-based context to help the organization address a problem or capitalize on an opportunity. In addition to the workplace projects, interns will research current information pertaining to their projects, conduct site analysis evaluations, analyze critical incidents, submit final written reports and present oral summaries to their peers. Upon completion of this course students should have gained valuable business experiences, acquired strong insights into an industry and an organization and made career-building contacts.

Prerequisite: Must have completed at least 18 credits of business requirements or have permission of the program director.
Credits: 3

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