Principles of Marketing

MKTG 200
Description: Marketing is the process that moves goods/services from concept through customer, while considering the customer's needs and satisfaction. Students learn marketing terminology and principles including the marketing mix (product, price, place and promotion) and the Four C's (create,connect,change and cancel). Marketing knowledge is reinforced through application, and students have an opportunity to integrate these principles with managerial accounting concepts. The impact of ethical issues, diversity, globalization and social responsibility on marketing decisions will also be examined.

Prerequisite: None
Credits: 3

Currently Offered

Course # Days Time Dates Instructor Seats
MKTG 200-40 Online Online 08/26/19 - 10/11/19 Hamdy 7
MKTG 200-45 Online Online 10/21/19 - 12/13/19 Staff 3
MKTG 200-45A Online Online 10/21/19 - 12/13/19 Staff 5